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Concept - Research & Development​

Burnt In is a call and response project that is looking at how illustration and dance merge and create a space in between that can be interpreted. The interplay creates an uncertainty that positively challenges form.

In the process Victoria would start drawing something that arises out of her empirical world and and send it to Rebecca. Rebecca would respond with initial movement impulses and send the recording to Victoria, who then again responds to the what she sees with another drawing.

Burnt In aimed to develop into a live performance with live performance and projection - yet, it still remains as research and development. 

Music by Bad.Dancer:


Victoria Watson:




Concept - Live Performance

Burnt In is aimed to address the humans' desire to reveal and find other people's “insides” - but this symbiotic relationship cannot start if we do not drop our own protections.

The framework for this is a “candle dance”, where a wick is its ugly fire starter and the flame the delicate flamboyant distraction from the revealing knobbly charred source. To get to this source, we want to dance and play with ideas of what it means to step out from your inside.

We will feed off the outside environment that is charged with different people's energies in the space, and give honest reactions from our inscape.

In a crisis of support for artists with funding and affordable housing on the low, there is a need for collaboration and interdisciplinary ideas. In a hyperactive and fluid culture where the key question “What is art?” challenges the common understanding of art, we cannot sustain ourselves as artists if we do not drop out of our comfort zones. We believe sustainability can be achieved through interrogating what our forms mean to us personally and mediating an honest confrontation through collaboration.

© Aiste Saulyte
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Burnt In

2016 | London (GB)
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