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A Blooming Mess is a cross-disciplinary dance theatre, established by Pinelopi Kefou and Rebecca Korang in London in 2017. The aim is to work and connect with different art forms that shapes the landscape of the dance field.

No one wants to invent the wheel - A Blooming Mess is drawing on the pot of collective knowledge and life experience, also from different cultures due to its creators' heritage. 

Both, Pinelopi and Rebecca, have studied BA Dance at Kingston University in London. Both are cosmopolitan and collaborators - aiming to leave a mark in Berlin, Athens, London and everywhere A Blooming Mess is welcomed too!

A Blooming Mess

Ongoing since 2017 | London (GB), Berlin (GER), Athens (GR)

'The Beginning' (2017)

The Beginning combines experimental movement material with video projections (screen dance) and other visual components that lean on aesthetic aspects of performance art. It is a collaboration between film and dance. The video projections serve as interplays with the live performance that give the audience hints of what was happening, is happening and will happen.

Two characters arise from the imagination of their creators - being born, explore, desire and strive, until they come to the realization that they are products of imagination and their lives are an illusion. Or may be not?

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