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Rebecca Pokua Korang is an emerging Afro-German artist from Berlin. With strong interest in performance art and site-specific work, she explores different approaches to choreography. Rebecca Korang studied BA Dance at Kingston University, when she, together with Pinelopi Kefou, established a two-women dance theatre called A Blooming Mess, aiming to create more collaborative work.


Her dance practice involves different influences from diverse contemporary techniques and explorations such as Gaga and contact improvisation, African dances and Street Dance. She has an organic way of moving and strives to find new movement possibilities and qualities. Rebecca Korang's cross-disciplinary interest led her to train in aerials (silk, rope and trapeze), for which she had a scholarship at Wac Arts in London in 2015. As a younger child she studied classical violin at the conservatoire Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Musikgymnasium in Berlin. Even though she stopped playing on a daily basis, her musical education is very influential for her work as an artist. In 2012 and 2013 she choreographed for two productions of Göttliche Samen Theater in Berlin.

Rebecca Korang's solo work is inspired by diverse performing arts such as live art, physical theatre and contemporary dance. As a dancer and choreographer she draws her inspiration through space. Through her investigation on the performativity of space she also explores audience participation. Following thoughts about how we interact with space, she is interested in how we interact with each other. In her works she plays a lot with stillness, in which she can find her vulnerability as we well as creating space for spectators to feel vulnerable as well, or in other words: finding connection.

Rebecca Korang worked with choreographers such as Daphnis Kokkinos (Tanztheater Wuppertal), Levantes Theatre, Jason Piper and others.

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